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2019 - Fort Worth, Texas
Conference Agenda

General Session I

URD Cable treatment - N. Plaissance (AEP)
FCC pole Attachment Rule Changes - P. Ellis (AEP)
Animal Mitigation - D. O'Connell (CNP)
Volt VAR and Grid Modernization - M. Campbell (AEP)
Analysis and Detection of Five-Limb Transformer Over Excitation - E. Weygandt (CNP)
TxDOT Relocations - M. Mendez (CTCM)

Workshop - Design Committee
TxDOT Relocations - (TNMP)

EV Charging Stations - M. Garcia (CPS)

Small Cell Tower Combo Poles:
   A. Killoran (Oncor)
   J. Guerra (CNP)
Small Cell Deployment - O. Higgs (AE)
FR3 for Transformers:
   B. Harbuck (PEC)
   J. Heslop (AE)
Storm Assessment (Panel)
Engineered Poles - A. Marin (CPS)

Workshop - Planning, Reliabilty, and External Relations Committee
DG Growth Impacts Utility and ERCOT - (Panel)
EV's Impact - (Panel)
Easement Challenges - (Panel)
FLISR - Fault Locating Impacts - (Panel)

Workshop - Construction, Operations, and Maintenance Committee
Damage Assessment Tools (CNP)
Roundtable Maintenance Practices - K. Buckner (PEC)
Resource Management - Z. DeLeon (PEC)
Substation Check-In App - D. Marr (LCRA)

Workshop - Material, Equipment, Codes, and Standards Committee
Switchgear Standardization - T. Marimira (Oncor)
Review of Standards for Antennas and Foreign Attachments - F. Villarreal (Oncor)
Oncor Joint Use Pole Attachments - K. Flewharty (Oncor)
Small Cell Attachments - M. Pittman (AE)

Medium Voltage Cable Failure Analysis - O. Demeter (Oncor)

General Session II

IEEE 1547 - Standard for Interconnecting DER - C. Stice (ERCOT)
Standardization of Concrete Poles - B. Voth (Oncor)
PV Hosting Capacity - M. Nance (Schneider Engineering)
From Raw Data to Usable Insight: Calculating SAIDI from AMI Data J. Williams (Oncor)
Reverse Power Application for DER Islanding Protection - G. Gallaghan (CNP)
High Growth onto a Midsize Utility - G. Thomas (NBU)

Engineering Ethic's Training
Professional Practice Update - Rick D. Strong, P.E.

2018 - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Conference Agenda

Conference Opening

General Session I

Explosion Proof Manhole Covers - Nathaniel Maas (AEP)
Bar Coding and Asset Management - John Mercadante (Knomatic)
Power Factor Correction - William Craig (Hubbell)
CVR (Conservation Voltage Reduction) construction and difficulties associated - Ryan Godwin (PSO)
Smartsheets & Project Management - Daniel McReynolds - (AE)
Sectionalizer/TripSaver Applications & Best Practices - John Macek (S&C Electric Co.)

Workshop - Design Committee
Lighting Arrestor Application & Best Practices Application & Issues - Panel - M. Enders (Oncor), P. Dinh & B. Hernandez (PEC), and E. Armstrong (CNP)
Transformer Loading Considerations - Panel - H. Amy (CPSE), J. Di Girolamo (CNP), and S. Dennis (Oncor)
   Henry Amy - (CPSE)
   Steve Dennis - (Oncor)
   Jhonny Di Girolamo - (CNP)
Distributive Generation Design Criteria - Panel - E. Briggs (CNP), R. Dickens (TNMP), and R. Shipman (Oncor)
Outsourcing Project Design (Panel - A. Marin (CPSE), V. Herrera (TNMP), and R. Garris (CNP)

Workshop - Planning, Reliabilty, and External Relations Committee
UAS Applications and Experiences. Focus on Reliability and External Relations Applications.
Distributive Energy Resources (DERs) Experiences. Focus on Hosting Capacity, Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMSs) and Protective Device Reclosing Philosophy Impacts.
Fault Locating, Isolating and Service Restoration Practices (FLISR).
Distribution Automation Practices - R. Gaido (CNP)

Workshop - Construction, Operations, and Maintenance Committee
Mutual Assistance - Panel - A. Small (AE), C. Gravatt (CNP), and K. Buckner (PEC)
Cybersecurity - A. Small (AE)
UAV's - Panel - JP Donley (PEC) - Mandie Shook (CNP)
Tech in the Field - Panel - Colby Gravatt (CNP) - Nickie Plaissance (AEP)

Workshop - Material, Equipment, Codes, and Standards Committee
Elbow Arrester Issues - Bobby Garcis (Oncor)
Automatic Splice Issues - Blake Voth (Oncor)
Decluttering Manholes - Jarrod Joseph (Oncor)
Small Cell Attachment Standards - Michael Pittman (AE) - Hector Franco (CPS)

General Session II

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Experiences at CenterPoint Energy - A. Fatma and J. Koinis - (CNP)
Flicker Issues Orginating from Solar Installed at the Transmission Level - N. Kassees - (Oncor)
Distribution Automation and Data Visualization - J. Williams - (Oncor)
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma - Storm Restoration
   Charles Brower, III - (AEP)
   Colby Gravatt - (CNP)
   James Coleman - (JEC)
Fault Anticipator - R. Peterson (PEC) and K. Bender (BBEC)

Engineering Ethic's Training
Presenter - Kaveh Ashenayi, Ph.D., P.E., Chairman and Hans S Norberg Professor ECE Dept.

2017 - Horsehoe Bay, Texas
Conference Agenda

General Session I

Partial Dischaege - Cable Life Extension - K. Grey & J. Sugarek (CNP)
iTrack Project Management Tool - D. Jones & A. Smith (CNP)
Joint Use 101:Past, Present, & Future - E. Langley (Langley & Bromberg LLC)
Transformer Health Analysis Using AMS Data - S. Dennis & C. Douglas III (Oncor)
DER 101 - C. Stice (ERCOT)
Optimizing Distribution Circuit Performance Through Data Collection - R. Colunga (CNP)

Workshop - Design Committee
Street Light Design (Panel - T. Nylec - (KPUB), M. Gonzalez - (CPSE), and D. Tomczyszyn - (AE)
   Tommy Nylec - (KPUB)
   Melissa Gonzalez - (CPSE)
Stray Voltage (Panel L. Bragg - (CPSE), S. Cryer - (CNP), and M. Nikolauk - (AEP)
Foreign Contacts (Panel - D. McReynolds - (AE), A. Marian - (CSPE), and J. Guerra - (CNP)
High Density - Zero Lot Line (Panel - W. Lane - (CNP), J. Perez - (CPSE), and T. Enloe - (Oncor)
New Designer Training / Qualifications (Transformer Loading & Design) - (Panel - W. Mints - Oncor, A. Karnei - (AE), J. Fabre - (CNP), R. Deike - (CNP), and D. Tomczyszyn - (AE)

Workshop - Planning, Reliabilty, and External Relations Committee
Outage communication strategies for internal consumption
Outage communication strategies for external consumption
DER modelling (data integrity, tools, etc.)

Workshop - Construction, Operations, and Maintenance Committee
Third Party Attachments (Construction) - (Open Forum)
Streetlight Wi-Fi Attachments - (Open Forum)
Solar Farm Operational Procedure - T. Bryant (TNMP)
DGA Analysis of Oil Regulators - B. Harbuck (PEC)

Workshop - Material, Equipment, Codes, and Standards Committee
Smart Navigator Fault Indicators - T. Bryant (TNMP)
Regulator Controls - M. Jasek (TNMP)
URD Primary Splicing - A. Oyekenu - (CNP), M. Pittman - (AE), H. Franco - (CPSE)
NESC 2017 Update - B. Fuller (TNMP)

General Session II

RF and Infrared Line Survey - J. Donley - (PEC), and J. Markel - (Davey Resouce Group)
Current Diversion / Revenue Security - T. Flores (Oncor)
Lineman Recruiting and Training - T. Flores (Oncor), L. White - (BEC), and A. Small - (AE)
   T. Flores - (Oncor)
   A. Small - (AE)
Spectral Impacts of LED Lighting - S. Tafoya (Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc.)
Wireless Pole Attachment Standards & Requirements - G. Garcia & B. Bartos (CPSE)
Avain Protection - B. Fuller - (TNMP)

Engineering Ethic's Training
Professional Practice Update / Ethics - D. Howell - (Texas Board of Professional Engineers)

2016 - Corpus Christi, Texas
Conference Agenda

General Session I

Review of Network Protection Schemes - Lonnie Malek (ONCOR)
City Public Service (CPS) Solar Program - Ben Jordan (CPS)
Loop Sectionalization Automation Scheme - Colin Hawthorne (CNP)
Work Management Asset Management System Implementation
Weather Monitoring - Bob Rose (LCRA)
Aerial Inspection - J.P. Donley (PEC)

Workshop - Design Committee
SF6 vs Solid Dielectric Switchgear
   Marco Garcia - (CPS)
   Akin Oyekenu - (CNP)
   Craig Robicheaxu - (ONCOR)
Urban Design, Non-standard and/or aesthetic
   Liafis Ogboye - (CNP)
   Charlie Hughes - (ONCOR)
Current Use of Fault Indicators
   Kamel Ftaiti - (CNP)
   Chris Darby - (ONCOR)
   John Gilkey - AEP-PSO)
   Daniel McReynolds - AE)
Automation Scheme Design
   Frank Daniel - (ONCOR)
   Collin Hawthorne - (CNP)
Wildfire Mitigation - Carl L. Benner (TAMU)

Workshop - Planning, Reliabilty, and External Relations Committee
DG Modelling Criteria
   Michelle Pham - (CNP)
   Ron Shipman - (ONCOR)
Reliability Valuation
Planning Mitigation of Resource Challenges - Panel Discussion

Workshop - Construction, Operations, and Maintenance Committee
Company Safety Initiatives - Panel Discussion
Distribution Automation 2.0 (Now what?) - Open Forum
EMI Survey Tool - Scott Lee (AEP)
   Quick Start Guide
Where's My Big Data - Open Forum

Workshop - Material, Equipment, Codes, and Standards Committee
Wildlife and Avian Protection
Curent Standard Pratices
Pole Grounding Techniques

General Session II

Material Techniques for Ant Control - Richard Rios (R-ChemCo)
2017 NESC Code Changes - Bob Fuller (TNMP)
FAA Light Control & Streetlight Monitoring Techniques - Nathan Kassees (ONCOR) & Michael Pittman (AE)
Goole Fiber Deployment Project - Compting Uses of Utility Infrastructure in Austin - Susan Groce (AE)
Communication Take-Out Box - Michael Campbell (AEP)
Feeder Protection Choices - Timothy Crabb - (City of College Station)

Engineering Ethic's Training
Dr. Scott Truelove - AEP Texas

2015 - Grapevine, Texas
Conference Agenda

General Session I
Distribution Modernization
ADMS Project Arthur Gonzalez & David Tomczyszyn (Austin Energy)
Corp of Engineers - Governement Property Process
Ground Line Inspections - New Techniques, Technologies
Utilizing 3D Printers in Production Design
Effective Anchoring

Workshop - Material, Equipment, Codes, and Standards Committee
Equipment Concerns for DG Applications
Anchoring Tecniques - Survey
Arrestor Techniques

Workshop - Design Committee
Line Extension Policy - Bob Seaver, P.E. (Austin Energy)
DAS - Distributed Antenna System (Panel Discussion)
Accessibility Requirements (Panel Disccusion)

Workshop - Planning, Reliabilty, and External Relations Committee
System Planning - Loading and operation practices around losses, nominal and emergency ratings
System Hardening Practices - Practices around PUCT Rules 25.94, 25.95 and 25.96
Under Voltage and Under Frequency Practices

Workshop - Construction, Operations, and Maintenance Committee
Tech and Construction - Tablets in the Field
OSHA Subpart V
Ground Line Inspection and Treatment
Telecom Attachments

General Session II
Community Energy Storage and Microgrid Demonstration Project - Nathan Kassees (Oncor)
Update on Serving West Texas Oil Field Loads - Nickie Plaisance, P.E. (AEP/Texas)
Elevated request for High Reliability Service - David Tomczyszyn, P.E. (Austin Energy)
AEP Distribution Technology Project in Owassa, OK-SCADA, Volt/Var Control and Distribution Automation
CNP/City of Houston LED Street Light Upgrade Project
ERCOT Volt/Var Task Force Update

Engineering Ethic's Training
Mr. Robert Opiela, P.E., Director of Licensing - Texas Board of Professional Engineers

2014 - San Antonio, Texas
Conference Agenda

General Session I

Insulators 101 - Andy Schwaim (Victor Insulators)
Remote Monitoting of Faults - Frank Daniel (Oncor)
Presidio 4 MW NAS Battery - Mike Nikolauk (AEP Texas)
AEP's Progress Towards Big Data Analytics for Engineering and Operations - Tom Weaver
Contamination Outage Risk Mitigation at CenterPoint Energy - Dan Greewood

Workshop - Material, Equipment, Codes, and Standards Committee

Material Approval / Issue Resolution Process of Different Utilities - Roundtable
Environmental Issues Addressed in Product Selection - Roundtable
Standards for System Protection: Grounding Methods, Neutral High/Low, Guy Grounding, Code Review
New Change Proposals to NESC
Review of Fault Indicators Methodologies

Workshop - Design Committee

Complying with TXDOT "Buy America" Requirements - Tim Hein (Oncor), Doug Kirk (Hubbell Power Systems), Paul Ray (HD Supply)
LED Lighting: A Transition - Shawn Ely (Bluebonney Electric Coop)
Data Center Load - Richard Gaido (CenterPoint Energy), Sheila Casey (CPS Energy)
IR Predictive Testing: Recent Experiences. Today's Equipment and Technology, and the Future - Rene Hernandez (GVEC), James Disser (FLIR)
Workshop - Planning, Reliabilty, and External Relations Committee

Impact of Renewable Energy on Distribution
Contingency Planning Practices - Substation, Substation Transformers, and Distribution Feeders
Dual Feed Practices
Load Forcast Practices

Workshop - Construction, Operations, and Maintenance Committee

Ductile Iron Pole Project - David Peterson, P.E. (CTEC)
MFall Restraints Forum - Cody Jennings (PEC), Walter Bartel (CenterPoint Energy), Tony Flores (Oncor)
SBEC Clear-Cut Vegetation Management Program - Don Roberts (SBEC)
Power Quality Instruments

General Session II

Distributed Generation and its Impacts on the Distribution System - Ed Briggs (CenterPoint Energy)
Blewing Solar Installation - Curtis Cryer (CPS Energy)
Case Study - CNP Investigation of Stray Triplen Harmonics - Pamela Mendoza (CenterPoint Energy)
Oncor Vault Upgrade Program - DFW Airport - Lee Maurer (Oncor)
Power UP - A Project and a Performace by Austin Energy - Allen Small (Austin Energy), Allison Orr (Daceworks)
An Enterprise Asset Management System - Paul Elkins (Georgetown Utility Systems

Engineering Ethic's Training
Walarica Olfer (Texas Board of Professional Engineers)

2013 - Austin, Texas
Conference Agenda

General Session I

The Bridgeland Automation Project
Connector Theory - Failure Modes and Practical Applications
Harmonic Effects of Induction Furaces on Distribution Systems
Volt Var Optimization Case Study
Pecan Street Project - A Green Development Update
Eagle Ford Shale

Workshop - Planning, External Relations Committee

Impact on Planning from large short lead time loads
Challenges with Optimizing Intelligent Field Equipment
Reliability Improvement Techniques
GIS Data Accuracy and Integrity Experiences

Workshop - Construction, Operations, and Maintenance Committee

Utilizing AMI:
Tony Flores - Oncor
James Jouett - San Bernard Electric Coop
Walter Bartel - CenterPoint Energy

Sabotage Response:
Scott Mount (Williamson County Sheriff's Office
Don Roberts - San Bernard Electric Coop

Dissemination of Information to Customer:
Tony Flores - Oncor
Walter Bartel - CenterPoint Energy
Joey Tobola - Bluebonnet Electric Coop
How to Train Linemem (Old & New):
Paul Elkins - Georgetown Utility Systems
Joey Tobola - Bluebonnet Electric Coop

Workshop - Material Equipment, Codes, and Standards Committee

Glass vs Steel in meeting the new DOE Effciency Requirements
Utiltity experience with connector applications
Specifying transformers for 69kV Delta to 35kV Wye conversion
New smart technologies for system monitoring

Workshop - Design Committee

Engineering Practices
Major Underground Design:
John Gilkey - AEP/PSO
Norbert Gonzales - CenterPoint Energy
John Perez - CPS Energy
Line Expansion Policy:
Bob Seaver - Austin Energy
Nickie Plaisance - AEP/Texas
John Soward - Oncor

Training Designers / Engineers:
Tommy Nylec - Austin Energy
Bernard Ross - AEP/Texas
Richard Moffatt - CenterPoint Energy

Fiberglass Arms and Polymer Insulators

General Session II

Intelligent Grid - Lessions Learned During Implementation
L & G AML - Now that it's in, what to do with it
Wild Fire Response

Engineering Ethic's Training
Scott Truelove - Austin Energy

2012 - Galveston, Texas
Conference Agenda

General Session I

Electric Vehicle Residential Study
URD Stray Current Investigations
Distribution Capacitor Centroid Placement Method
Smart Grid Pilot Results
Proven Smart Grid Communication Network Solutions for Advanced Meter Systems and Intelligent Grid
Arc Flash Mitigation

Workshop - Planning, External Relations Committee

Electric Vehicle Experience
Temperature Impact on Load Forecasting
Distributive Generation Issues
Distribution Power Factor Correction Philosophy

Workshop - Construction, Operations, and Maintenance Committee

Home Area Networks:
Bob Frazier - CenterPoint Energy
Cheryl Dobos - Bluebonnet Electric Coop
Managing Rolling Blackouts:
Panel Disscusion
Rand Westbrook - CenterPoint Energy

Arc Flash Protection - Effect on Lineman
Underground Feeder Main Program

Workshop - Material Equipment, Codes, and Standards Committee

Proposed DOE Efficiency Standards
Pole Options
Copper Theft
Street Light ROAM System

System Hardening

Workshop - Design Committee

Wire Theft Panel Discussion:
Street Light Design / LED:
Pole Testing / Inspection / GLT:
Underground Ordinance, Transformer Screening, etc.:
Presido NAS Experience

General Session II

Spacer Cable
Arrestor Standards Changes
Avian Protection
Construction for Light Rail
Evolution of Switchgear Design
West Texas Construction

Engineering Ethic's Training
Stuart A. Long, PhD., P.E. University of Houston

2009 - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Conference Agenda
Conference Photos - Golf Tournament
Conference Photos - Vendor Show

General Session I

AEP/PSO Overhead to Underground Conversion Program
SmartGRID for Cowboy's Stadium
NAS Battery for Grid Backup
DIG TESS & UG Locating Rules Update
OSU/TSTC Lineman School
Site Security: Security Pods by Pro Vigil

Workshop - Construction, Operations, and Maintenance Committee

Back Lot Line Construction Update

Back Lot Line Construction - CPS
Back Lot Line Construction - PEC
Mobile Data Solutions

Hurricane IKE Response

Hurricane IKE Responses - Oncor
Hurricane IKE Responses - SBEC

Security Topics: Copper Theft

Workshop - Materials, Equipment Committee

Overhead Hardware Corrosions Prevention - Teflon Coating
Material and Equipment Issues
Report on Proposals for the 2012 NESC

Workshop - Design Committee

Automated Street Light Monitoring & Reporting System

Automated Street Light Monitoring & Reporting Systems - City of College Station
Automated Street Light Monitoring & Reporting System - Oncor
ARC Harzard Modeling

Underground Cable

Underground Cable - AEP/PSO
Underground Cable - CPS
Underground Cable - Oncor

General Session II 

Arc Fault Interrupter Reaction to Utility Event
2.2 MW Induction Wind Generator Interconnection
Distribution Planning Using SMART Automation - Delaying Substation Capacity Increase with Controlled Feeder Switches
DOE Transformer Efficiency Requirements Status Update
Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Report
LED Street Lighting

Engineering Ethic's Training by Professor Peter G. LoPresti

Engineering Ethic's Training Presentation
Engineering Ethic's Training Workbook

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